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Thank You !

October 22, 2011
The Band of Mothers and the Gathering of Eagles extend their deepest appreciation to all the organizations that signed onto “The 3000” letter.  As President Obama announced yesterday that ALL troops will exit Iraq by the end of December, “The 3000” letter’s mission has come to a successful end.  No members of our military will be left behind!
We are supremely proud of the service of our brave soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines, and we recognize the debt that all Americans owe them.
As sponsors of “The 3000” letter, Larry Bailey and I say “Thank you” to each of the signatories who signed onto this letter.  Thank you for taking a stand for our brave men and women!  Your support for their safety means the world to these warriors.
Let us all pray that their journey home is a safe one.
Godspeed to them, and God bless the United States military!
Beverly Perlson
The Band of Mothers
Larry Bailey
The Gathering of Eagles
Signatories of “The 3000” Letter:

Algonquin, IL Tea Party

American Defense League  (ADL)

American Freedom Defense Initiative

Any Street

Atlas Shrugs

Bare Naked Islam

Bloomington Tea Party

Chandler’s Watch

Cold Spring Conservative

Crystal Lake Tea Party

Eagles UP

English Defence League (EDL)

Free Republic

Hawaii Chapter-Gathering of Eagles

Logan’s Warning

Stop Islamization of America

Streetsweeper Chronicles

The Snooper Report

Urban Infidel

Veterans in Defense of Liberty

Viper’s Vietnam Veterans Pages

West Suburban Patriots

What Bubba Knows

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