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Media Endorsements for The Letter




Below, in the comments, are links to current media endorsements for The Letter.










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  1. October 12, 2011 6:59 am

    From the American Defense League:

    Letter to President Obama Regarding Proposal for US Troops in Iraq

    OCTOBER 10, 2011 BY ADL

    Mr Obama,
    The American Defense League (ADL) supports the position advanced in the letter entitled, ‘The 3000 – 
AN OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT OBAMA’ challenging your withdrawal strategy for Iraq which proposes to leave only 3,000 troops in a hostile territory roughly the size of Texas.
    The logic of leaving such a tiny force in hostile territory and telegraphing the size of that force is tantamount to staging a massacre for the enemy. Either leave a force that is sufficiently strong to defend itself and carry out the assigned mission or bring them all home.
    The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are going poorly because you and other political leaders refuse to admit the obvious and undeniable truth that we are not merely fighting a small group of people that are organized and bound together by an errant understanding of Islam. We are engaged in a long running conflict that stems directly from the simple and correct interpretation and application of the malevolent political and social philosophies of Mohamed.
    You can’t cure cancer if you pretend that treat it as if it were merely a cold, nor will we end terrorism if we pretend that it is not an integral and inseparable aspect of Islam. The enemy is Islam, it has been our enemy of peace and prosperity since long before the United States existed. Non-Muslims including you Mr. President are infidels and enemies of Mohamedism to those that understand Islam well and correctly.
    Islam is violent and evil at its core and it will not change until sufficient pressure is brought upon it to force its leaders to to do so.

    To prevail in this conflict, entire civilized western world must recognize that Islam is the enemy of peace and prosperity and take action to end state support for Islam. We must deprive Mohamedists of funding for Jihad from both private and public sources in order to ensure that this philosophy of bigotry and hatred is no longer taught to young innocent children and that the texts containing such virulent ideas are denigrated and removed from consideration as credible.
    The places where the infestation of Mohamedism has permeated most deeply require re-education along with a public awareness campaign to ensure that no resident within these lands continues to advocate that Mohamedism is anything but evil.
    The Afghanistan and Iraq missions are failing because the fundamental philosophy that creates terrorists remains intact and unchallenged. Neither population has evolved from their hatred based system sufficiently to successfully self-govern, the fact that they are organized as Islamic Republics is a clear sign of mission failure. Iraq and Afghanistan should have remained under international-mandatory control until the culture of Islam had been thoroughly discredited and support for it had been abandoned.
    We recognize that not all Muslims support the violence of Jihad that has been perpetrated against non-Muslims for the last 1400 years and our conflict is not with Muslims but rather with Islam. We are at war with Islam not Muslims, in the same way that we have never gone to war against a people but have frequently opposed evil and criminal philosophies and the people that perpetrated them.
    Unlike you, who is surrounded by an army of well-armed specialized security agents with a virtually unlimited budget to protect you and your family, the American public and the world in general are the ones facing the tip of the sword of Jihad. In the same way that we don’t accept this threat in our own society, we do not want our military to be positioned in such a way that they are needlessly exposed to it either.
    If you won’t listen to our military leaders Mr. Obama, perhaps you will listen to us the American people.

    American Defense League (ADL)
    Walter L. Brown Jr.

  2. October 17, 2011 11:52 pm

    From Free Republic
    October 17, 2011

    “The3000: An Open Letter to President Obama” – Revised format – SIGN TODAY

    Posted on October 17, 2011 7:01:45 PM EDT by trooprally

    If you have already signed this letter in the original September 25,2011 thread, your signature is needed once again.

    After some constructive suggestions, the “The3000: An Open Letter to President Obama” organization has reformatted and re-written the letter to be more effective.

    Personal Signatures are in the way of a comment. This is so you can add your personal thoughts on Obama screwing up our foreign policy and putting our troops in danger.

    There is also a sign up for your blog or organization.

    The “3000” Site

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