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                                                                                                                                   September 27,2011

“The 3000”


We, the undersigned, stand in stark and unified opposition to your proposed plan to leave 3000 combat troops behind in Iraq following the scheduled withdrawal of American troops from that country on December 31, 2011.

As we approach December 31, there are increasing debates about the exact nature of our withdrawal from Iraq.  A recent development in these debates is your proposal to leave 3000 combat troops behind in Iraq, following the withdrawal of the main combat forces. Of great concern are the reports that this proposal is in direct opposition to the advice of your own military commanders, who have warned you of the dangers of leaving such a reduced number of troops in Iraq. 

It is our understanding that you have not yet presented your rationale for leaving those 3000 troops behind. However, on the face of it, your proposal appears to be reckless and disregarding of the safety of those brave American Soldiers who have already given so much for their country during this war. 

It is our position that the withdrawal of US combat forces from Iraq must, and should, be governed and executed with total consideration for the safety of our troops.  Further, we believe that, in the best interests of the safety of our troops, you should either pull ALL of the troops out, or you should follow the “level of troop strength” recommendations advised to you by your Generals on the ground    

We are continuing to monitor this situation closely as we continue to pray for the safety of our Soldiers.


Sponsors of  the letter:

The Band of Mothers

Gathering of Eagles – National


Signatories to the letter:

Algonquin, IL Tea Party

American Defense League  (ADL)

American Freedom Defense Initiative

Any Street

Atlas Shrugs

Bare Naked Islam

Bloomington Tea Party

Chandler’s Watch

Cold Spring Conservative

Crystal Lake Tea Party

Eagles UP

English Defence League (EDL)

Free Republic

Hawaii Chapter-Gathering of Eagles

Logan’s Warning

Stop Islamization of America

Streetsweeper Chronicles

The Snooper Report

Urban Infidel

Veterans in Defense of Liberty

Viper’s Vietnam Veterans Pages

West Suburban Patriots

What Bubba Knows

*note – more to be added

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  1. ADL [002] permalink
    October 10, 2011 7:27 am

    Mr Obama,
    Unlike you, who is surrounded by an army of well armed specialized security agents with a virtually unlimited budget to protect you and your family, the American public are the ones facing the tip of the sword of Jihad. We don’t want this threat in our own society nor do we want our military to be positioned in such a way that they are needlessly exposed to this threat either.

    If you won’t listen to our military leaders Mr. Obama, perhaps you will listen to us the American people.

    The American Defense League (ADL) supports the position advanced in the letter entitled, ‘The 3000 – 

    The logic of voluntarily leaving a tiny force in hostile territory and telegraphing the size of that force is tantamount to staging a massacre for the enemy. Reconciling incoherent sound bite politics uttered with no idea what was at stake with reality is not Mr. Obama’s strong suite – but as long as he is still in office we must hope that he will see the light and change.

    The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are going poorly because our political leaders refuse to admit the obvious and undeniable truth that we are not merely fighting a small group of people that are organized by a few individuals with an errant understanding of Islam. We are engaged in a long running conflict that stems directly from the simple and correct interpretation and application of the malevolent political and social philosophies of Mohamed.

    You can’t cure yourself of cancer if you pretend that you are merely suffering from a cold and this is exactly what the west is doing wrong. Islam is the enemy, it has been our enemy since long before the United States existed, in that we are infidels to those that understand Islam well and correctly.

    Islam is violent and evil at its core and it will not change until sufficient pressure is brought upon it to force its leaders to to do so. To prevail in this conflict:

    The western world must recognize that the true enemy is Islam and take action to end state support for Islam. We must deprive Mohamedists of funding for Jihad from both private and public sources in order to ensure that this philosophy of bigotry and hatred is no longer taught to young innocent children. The places where Mohamedism has been most successful will require re-education and will need to remain under control foreign-mandatory control until the culture of Islam has been thoroughly discredited and support for it has been abandoned. We recognize that not all Muslims support violence of Jihad that has been perpetrated against non-Muslims for the last 1400 years. Our conflict is not with Muslims but rather with Islam, in the same way that we have never gone to war against a people but have frequently opposed evil and criminal philosophies and the people that perpetrate them.

    American Defense League (ADL)
    Walter L. Brown Jr.

  2. ADL [007] permalink
    October 10, 2011 3:01 pm

    Leaving 3000 troops in Iraq is tantamount to suicide. And we will hold you, Mr. Obama, accountable for this reckless disregard for the lives of our American troops.

    I fully support the contents of this letter.

  3. October 17, 2011 3:59 pm

    President Obama:

    Do Not leave Our Troops in a position where they will be slaughtered. The lives of our Troops are our American Treasure. Do NOT make our Troops political pawns to be easily disposed of – in order to appease your political base.

    President Obama – I wonder – if your daughter Malia or Sasha was one of the 3,000 Troops you plan to leave behind – would you make the same decision? Would you purposely make a martyr of your child?

    Not listening to YOUR military leaders is unconscionable.

    We the People care about and value our Troops lives.

    President Obama – you ARE accountable for the lives of our Troops.

    Julie Sanford
    Algonquin, IL

  4. Michele Sulham permalink
    November 25, 2011 6:46 am

    Bring them all home! Leaving 3000 soldiers behind in harm’s way is shameful!

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