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Updates on the Letter

As you may know, over the past two days there has been a major uptick in the discussions between Washington and Baghdad regarding the terms of the withdrawal of our troops from Iraq.  There have also been a significant increase in the number of media stories about this issue.   Thus, we felt that this was a good time to add our voices to the discussion.  Today we sent out the following press release to a large number of media outlets.

We will keep you updated as this story unfolds.

Bev Perlson – The Band of Mothers

Larry Bailey – Gathering of Eagles



Against the advice of his Generals, President Obama is advancing a proposal to leave 3000 Soldiers in Iraq following the withdrawal of our main combat forces from that country on December 31, 2011. Those of us who support our troops are very concerned about the safety of those 3000 Soldiers under the President’s proposal.

The current news coverage of this story has focused primarily on the political

maneuverings between Washington and Baghdad.   Missing from the coverage has been any explicit expression of concern for the safety of those soldiers that would be left behind.

The Band of Mothers and the Gathering of Eagles, two national troop support organizations, have launched a grassroots effort to assure that an explicit expression of concern for the safety of our troops is added to the current discussion and debates about our upcoming withdrawal from Iraq.

These two organizations penned an open letter of concern to President Obama, and they solicited signatories to the letter from a variety of patriot and veterans’ organizations.   That letter and its signatories are copied below.

They also created a website dedicated to the open letter.  You can view the website at the link below.   Links to the signatories to the letter are available at the website, as well as links to current media coverage of the letter.


Please consider using your media presence to add our voices of concern to the current debate on the fate of our 3000 troops in Iraq.  You may publish our letter and the list of signatories in full.


The Band of Mothers

Bev Perlson – Founder

Gathering of Eagles

Larry Bailey  –  National Chairman

Contact at:

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